Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Drawings from Within the Prison Walls


  1. Hessy's work from prison. I find it very moving. Today he is eligible to be released with a tag. I hope this happens soon. Hessy should not be in prison.

  2. Solidarity from Dublin. Amazing drawings of a serious shit sitution. seriously talented guy and Hope hes out soon

  3. Absolutely love these pictures and snippets of writing. They are wonderful and moving.

    Thank you James, for sharing your pictures and stuff here, and for your stimulating and humorous thoughts and imagination.

    Wishing you all the very best for the future, hang on in there, you'll be out soon (hopefully), and then when you are, we'll all celebrate and drink a toast to you!

  4. Your work is beautiful & mysterious, James - wonderful delicacy.

    All my best wishes!

  5. We are with you. You are part of us. Stay strong.

  6. Hi

    I'm just commenting on behalf of Defend the Right to Protest (

    I've been writing to James recently, just wondered if anyone can give us consent on behalf of James for us to use some of James' amazing art for a flyer we're making for a solidarity with political prisoners demonstration outside Wandsworth (James' prison). We're particularly linking it with the campaign at Kingston University to reinstate James. Will obviously write to James and tell him we'd like to use some of his art for the flyer but as it's by snail mail, will be a lot slower and we'd like to get a flyer done ASAP. You can email us on


    Rachel Harger

  7. Hi I'm James' girlfriend and I'm sure he'd love it if you used his work for the flyer. Thanks everyone for the support xx